The competitors of the ICF SUP World Championships will be cheered on from Tagore promenade, the most visited waterfront of Balatonfüred.

The 2021 SUP World Championships will be hosted by Balatonfüred, one of the most important and popular towns on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, with a population of 14,000. It is also known by many as the northern capital of the lake, as it hosts many successful cultural events every year, not to mention its historical background. The oldest holiday resort on the shores of Lake Balaton, it is one of Hungary’s most sought-after and most visited locations among tourists.

Its location alone can be a charming attraction for visitors. From the north, the town is surrounded by beautiful, rolling hills, and from the south by the lake itself. Its climate is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, where even the sun shines more softly. Balatonfüred and its surrounding villages are also known as the Balaton Riviera, a reference to the special microclimate.

Even prehistoric man settled here, the first known inhabitants were the Romans, whose memory is preserved in numerous excavated buildings and tombs. In the Árpád dynasty, there were seven settlements on the site, as evidenced by written records. Walking around the city brings back memories of the old days. Ancient residential squares, old buildings, churches, cosy vineyards, parks and old trees whisper to the residents.

Its historic sites have been restored. Some have a different role than they once did, but they are still part of the local culture. There are many villas and mansions in Balatonfüred, which have contributed greatly to the beauty and reputation of the town worldwide.

It has an important role in the history of Hungarian navigation; the first Balaton steamship was launched here and the first sailing club, the Stefánia Yacht Club, was founded here. In 1971, it was declared the country’s first spa and resort town, but it is also the international town of grapes and wine. Since 1825, it has hosted one of Hungary’s most exclusive and important balls, the Anna Ball.

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